Lazy Cows Make The Best Cheese


Ok so maybe the Podolica Cow is not exactly lazy, it’s just a perfectionist. Why does the work ethic of a Cow matter? One word, Caciocavallo. Perfectly subtle, slightly salty cheese, lovingly stretched and shaped by hand that is made from the milk of the Podolica Cow.

Grazing in the wild over Southern Italy’s difficult terrain, Podolica Cows eat what they can find. They adapt, they are hearty and they like herbs. Lucky for us Cheese Lovers, this means smaller yields of milk with high fat content, rich with the flavors of their herb grazing ways.

How did I come across this Cheese Trivia Gem you ask? Well, Bello and I like to save money when we travel, so we typically pick up some groceries and wine, to eat one meal a day in our hotel. In Southern Italy, this practice yielded many surprises. Local craftsmen opened their cellars, their caves, their cases and proudly…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yum… This looks delicious!!!! Looks like you are having a wonderful trip!


    1. Thank you, we certainly are! Southern Italy is a wonderful place to travel as it’s beautiful and more affordable than many other parts of Europe. Thanks for taking a moment to stop by!


  2. I just love this headline (Lazy Cows make the Best Cheese) as my Mom always told me that Lazy People Work Twice as Hard. Think about it? They don’t want to leave the couch so the stretch and strain to reach something and knocking it over etc. But here being lazy is a gift!


    1. First thank you! Second I love that story, how true. I found an article once called Best Jobs for Lazy Smart People and it cracked me up. Sometimes I think lazy is judged to harshly… Wait does that make me sound lazy?! 😉


  3. Do you remember any of the jobs? You know how WP is saying you should have a topic you commit to writing about once a week. Might be interesting. Smart and lazy succeeds!


    1. I do! English language teaching abroad was number one. Apparently in high demand, more demand then people speaking English in the world. Hmm… Regularly writing about being a smart lazy person sounds too accomplished for me:) Kidding, but you might be on to something!

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