Cooking For Bello Followers, I’m Sorry

As Bello and I launch our first project together, it’s been a hard two weeks, technically speaking. I created a second blog using my CookingForBello login and profile and entered a very confusing corner of WordPress.  I can’t be alone among my fellow WordPress Bloggers on this one, now I feel your pain!

CookingForBello followers, my valued Blogger friends, I did not give you my best these last two weeks and for that I’m sorry. Comments ended up in missing between my two site dashboards, showed up on the wrong blog, I lost focus confused my own comments on your blogs and haven’t responded well to new followers.

This weekend, I am setting aside time to get back on track and give each of my new followers and my current followers the attention they deserve. Each and every… well there are only 64 of you, but to me, your follow, you matter. I hope to continue to go along for the ride with you and to continue to see YOUR blogs grow and thrive.

On CookingForBello this week, many, many pages were broken… for which I owe my Mom thanks for helping me snoop out all my posts and the links that did not work. Thanks Mom!

This is Mom BTW. She’s the only person on the planet over than me that has read every one of my posts. May every Blogger have so much support.

Thanks Mom
Thanks Mom

If you are one of the followers that found yourself thinking… what is up with CookingforBello this week, please know, if I could, I would buy you all a round and toast your kindness. You stuck with me, you didn’t unfollow and there is no reason other than you, that you’re still following.


Piccola (aka CookingforBello)

Beer on my Face
Beer on my Face



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  1. Rice N Dine says:

    Nice to see pictures of you! 🙂


    1. Thanks, so nice of you to say so! I hid behind Foodie Blogger pictures for YEARS! So much easier 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rice N Dine says:

        Haha! I’m experiencing the same thing! We are just this ginataang langka currently in our avatar. haha! 🙂


    2. Thanks, so nice of you to say so! I hid behind Foodie Blogger pictures for YEARS! So much easier 😉


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