Cooking For Bello Author Brandy Shearer

Author of CookingforBello Brandy Shearer
Author of CookingforBello Brandy Shearer

Nice to meet you, I’m Brandy Shearer

Cookingforbello is a reflection of my growing understanding of what “building a life together” really means.

Do you remember as a kid, staring up at the stars, dreaming of the handsome Prince who sweeps you up to live a big romantic life, far away?

I too dreamed, sharing that vague sense something was missing, only I was listened to Queen Latifah’s ‘Ladies First’ and discovering Ani DiFranco. At an early age, I vowed to get swept up in my own life, never waiting for a Prince. And so I did.

After graduating from The Ohio State University, I followed my dreams of being a successful, single woman to New York City. Bounding up the corporate ladder from AOL to InStyle, HBO to Food Network, eventually getting recruited to become the Executive Producer for Discovery’s Digital Studio. I had done it, built a successful career creating content for fans of some of America’s most beloved media brands.

It was about this time, that I meet a Handsome Italian Photographer and my staunch proclamations that “I would never marry,” began to waver. For me it was unexpected, for those who knew me personally, even more so. Bello softened me, allowing for moments of vulnerability in safety. My family remarked on how much lighter, freer and happier I seemed, I no longer forced myself to be alone. After two years together, Bello asked for my hand in marriage and two months later, we held a small wedding in New York City.

Now, Bello and I are most happy while traveling, exploring the world, finding new inspiration. We’ve chosen to live, at least for a while, a nomadic lifestyle, free from debt and possessions that could weight us down. As a photographer Bello captures the world’s beauty in his images which he shares on Paolo Ferraris Colors, while I incorporate our experiences in my recipes and writing.

Cookingforbello, houses stories of our struggles, sacrifices, experiences and passions. We are prioritizing our lives to allow for maximum freedom to gather these experiences now, while we are healthy, young and determined, rather than when we retire. This is a challenging lifestyle and it triggers many moments of self reflection which I share in My Journey. Ours is also a rewarding lifestyle, reflected in my culinary ah-ha moments in Recipes and our guilty indulgences in the Cheese & Wine section. Most importantly, the Travels section shares our experiences on the road.

Join me for the fun of it and read about an unexpected real-life fairytale full of romance, respect, equality and unconventional choices.

Shoreline in Northern Califorinia
Shoreline in Northern California

Returning to Flight: The Power of Being Debt Free

Fingers crossed my theory that owning nothing while we’re finding our path is the right way to go, otherwise… I’m going to be eating some humble pie out of my hand since I donated all of our dishes.

Find Out About Our Debt Free Life


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