Love Letter to Art in Progress: Nantucket

While photographing Bello, photographing the world for five years, I’ve been witness to his life as an Artist, his endless dedication to his craft. I think of myself as romantic, Bello says I’m a “Mush, Mush.” Yet he sees boundless creative possibilities in the exact same moments in time that I do. When I sit back and relax, exhale, he works. He never ceases to amaze me.

We spent a day, walking Madaket Beach. We had it all to ourselves in sunlight and in sunset.

Where walking I saw this,

Madaket Beach To Ourselves
Madaket Beach To Ourselves

and sitting in the sand, relaxing saw this,

Madaket Beach at Sunset
Madaket Beach at Sunset

and saw Bello working down the shore,

Bello Working on Madaket Beach
Bello Working on Madaket Beach

Bello was capturing this,

Lost Love Cuts by Paolo Ferraris Colors
Lost Love Cuts by Paolo Ferraris Colors

Bello softens the lines of reality, removing a barrier for the viewer. He’s inviting, engaging your mind, your heart to continue the story he presents in a frame. I want to follow these tracks, find out how the story goes, I’m compelled to look again, where did they come from? His images are exciting, enticing, challenging and yet at the same time relaxing. You are not alone on this journey of life, you’re free to escape with us.

He’s an unstoppable force telling stories of passion, teasing out colors and framing up romance. 

Happy at Work and in Love
Happy at Work and in Love

Ti Amo Bello Mio

Join us in our Journey in Color, around the world as we dedicate ourselves to Love, Art and Freedom. We post with open hearts daily.

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    1. Thank you! I’m a very lucky wife. He sees beauty where others look right past it. We women all need a partner with this quality. If only we all could look through his eyes.


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