Marc Forgione I’ll Suck Your Sliders

Suck You Sliders from Marc Forgione
Suck You Sliders from Marc Forgione

Once upon a time, there was a girl (two thumbs pointing at me) who worked at Food Network. She dreamed of food night and day.

During the day, she would go on tv-show sets (like Iron Chef America) to gather content she would take back to her team of talented people, who created digital stories (like this post from when Marc Forgione became the newest Iron Chef.)

At night, this lucky girl would go home to the love of her life (her Bello) and cook him dinner.

Fortunately for me, this fairy tale has come true.

While my days of working for Food Network are over, my love of food (and my fairy tale love story) is not.

Sunday, my Husband and I started a delightful day by hopping over to Manhattan (on a Ferry) to begin with brunch at Marc Forgione.

Marc Forgione 28 Day Dry Aged Burger
Marc Forgione 28 Day Dry Aged Burger

My culinary crush on this chef is epic, as are his Suck You Sliders (pictured above) and his 28 Day Dry Aged Burger (pictured right). I’d apologize for my carnal blog title, but when the burger and sliders are as deliciously debaucherous as what we devoured, I feel just in letting my chosen words stand. I will however apologize for the quality of the photos in this post. The lighting in Marc Forgione is notoriously missing and I am loath to use a flash while people around are enjoying their meal. Yet I swear to you, after a few minutes when your eyes adjust, they will fight with your mouth to feast on the plates before you.

In a life where we are trying to save money, Marc Forgione remains our favorite indulgence. It’s not cheap for brunch, but what is in Manhattan, let alone Tribeca? When the quality matches, or in this case exceeds the price expectations, I will happily cross the Hudson for this hunker down meal.

The sliders are a savory yet pure pork revelation of suckling pig, braised in beer, butter and bacon. I barely touched my fries, I could have cared less about them while licking and yes sucking the pork juices from my hands with each bite. The fries were in fact good, how could they not be covered in salty grated cheese yet our attentions stayed between the buns.

My Husbands burger, the 28 Day Dry Aged was perfectly medium rare and thoughtfully brunched out, with a soft yolk egg which ran all over the place and of course a little bacon.

The thing about a gorgeous gluttonous feast, is that you end up needing a nap. Our original intent of a long walk through lower Manhattan after brunch, turned into a quick trip to Whole Foods where I picked up fresh fish for dinner. We scampered back onto the ferry, crossed the Hudson and promptly plunked ourselves onto the couch. The only things left to do in the day… a movie length nap, a good workout to burn off brunch and a to make a healthy ceviche dinner.

Cod Ceviche
Cod Ceviche

Sigh, Marc Forgione serves up dishes of debauchery and I love him for it. Thank you Iron Chef. May you reign supreme in your kitchen, kitchen stadium and beyond.


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